1. gibber, Sl. gibber-jabber, jargon; mutter, mumble, splutter, sputter; stammer, stutter.
2. chatter, chipper, prattle, cackle; twaddle, Brit. twattle, blather, drivel; talk nonsense, Inf. talk through one's hat; jabber, prate, bleat, Inf. gab; chitchat, chitter-chatter, chaffer, bandy words; talk idly, Sl. shoot the breeze, Sl. gas, Sl. bull; palaver, clack, clatter, rattle, Sl. run off or on at the mouth; gush, blab, Inf. spout; gossip, buzz, tell tales, repeat everything one hears; be loquacious or talkative, ramble, maunder.
3. murmur, whisper, buzz; hum, drone, purr; purl, sough, rustle.
4. blab, blurt out, let slip, reveal foolishly; tattle, tattle-tale, tell on, inform on, Sl. squeal on, divulge secrets.
5. gibberish, gibbering, Sl. gibber-jabbering, jargon; muttering, mumbling, spluttering, sputtering; stammering, stuttering.
6. prattle, prattling, chatter, chattering, chippering, cackle, cackling; jabber, Jabberwocky, prate, prating, twaddle, twaddling, Brit. twattle, Brit. twattling; patter, pattering, gabble, gabbling, blather, blathering, drivel, driveling; nonsense, Fr. bavardage. gobblede-gook, hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo, abracadabra, open-sesame; humbug, flummery, Sl. bunk, rubbish, Inf. rot, Sl. garbage, Sl. horsefeathers; balderdash, hogwash, stuff and nonsense, Inf. bosh, fudge, foolishness, rigmarole or rigamarole; poppycock, Inf. fiddlefaddle, Inf. piffle, Inf. kibosh, Inf. flapdoodle; small talk, Anglo-Indian. bukh, chit-chat, chitter-chatter; gossip, Inf. scuttlebutt, buzz, idle talk, Inf. gab, Sl. bull; palaver, claptrap, Sl. hot air, Sl. gas.
7. murmur, murmuring, murmuration; whisper, whispering, buzz, buzzing; hum, humming, drone, droning, purr, purring; purl, purling, sough, soughing, rustle, rustling.
8.(in reference to sounds) medley, melange, mixture, muddle, confusion; cacophony, jumble, hodgepodge, disorder.

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